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2024 Fees

Fee Bracket # Vehicles owned or operated Fee per entity (Carrier or Forwarder) Fee per entity (broker or leasing company)
B1 0 to 2 $37.00 $37.00
B2 3 to 5 $111.00  
B3 6 to 20 $221.00  
B4 21 to 100 $769.00  
B5 101 to 1,000 $3,670.00  
B6 1,001 + $35,836.00  

Source: Federal Register

Updating Your DOT Registration or Authority

Any time a carrier or other regulated entity changes its name or address, or other details in their record, they should update their US DOT and operating authority record with FMCSA in a timely manner. In addition, FMCSA requires all entities under its jurisdiction to update their information every two years.