Unified Carrier Registration Plan (UCR)
Board of Directors Meeting (#123)
September 14, 2017


Avelino Gutierrez (Chair) NMPRC X
Bob Pitcher ATA X
Adam Anderson UDOT X
Carol Fallin TXDMV X
Daphne Jefferson FMCSA X
Elizabeth Leaman MADPU X
Larry Herold COPUC X
Woody Chambers OOIDA X
Monte Wiederhold Reever Transport X
Chris Burroughs TIA
Rick Schweitzer NPTC
Mike Hoeme KCC
Sandy Bowling INDOR X
Scott Morris ALPCS X
Tina Thurman MODOT X
Dave Scholz, Depository Manager UCR X
Jon Krueger, Operations Manager UCR X
Brooke Mason, Staff Associate UCR
Dave Lazarides, Consultant DSL X


I. Call to Order

Chair Avelino Gutierrez called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m. Eastern and welcomed attendees.  Mr. Gutierrez conducted a roll call of Board members (see above) and non-Board members.

Following a suggestion, Chair Gutierrez instructed all participants to include their state affiliation when logging in to future Board calls via Go To Meeting.

II. Review & Approval of Agenda

Mr. Gutierrez presented the proposed agenda with a request to add “Board Rules Procedures” following the FMCSA Update.

A MOTION was MADE as SECONDED to accept the September Board agenda as amended.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

III. Review & Approval of July Meeting Minutes

Mr. Gutierrez reported that Operations Manager Jon Krueger distributed draft minutes from the August 24 Board meeting in California.  A misspelled name was corrected.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve the August 2017 Board minutes as amended.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

IV. Updates Concerning UCR Legislation

There were no updates regarding UCR legislation.

V. FMCSA Update

Daphne Jefferson reported that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to submit for publication its proposed rulemaking for 2018 UCR registration fees within 1-2 days.  The fee levels being considered are based on a recommendation submitted by UCR to the FMSCA in March 2017 which include a reduction for carriers at all levels.

Ms. Jefferson reported that following the publication of the proposed rule in the Federal Register, a 10-day comment period will open.  Ms. Jefferson estimated that the final fees will likely be set in mid-to-late October.

Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to delay the start of the 2018 UCR registration year until November 1.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

The Board instructed staff to develop a written announcement about the delay.  The Board instructed Sandy Bowling and the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) to distribute the message to all of its state contacts (DONE).

The FMCSA also reported that it is processing a request from Chair Gutierrez to provide technology access to DSL’s contractor SeikoSoft.

VI. Board Rules Procedures

Chair Gutierrez reported that he is awaiting an opinion from the FMCSA on the UCR Board’s authority to establish policies and procedures.  Mr. Gutierrez and Vice Chair Bob Pitcher agreed to prioritize the Board’s policy needs and report back to the full Board on the October conference call.

 VII. Report of Dave Lazarides, DSL Transportation

Consultant Dave Lazarides reported on his recent activities for UCR, including the consideration of state performance standards to be the basis for forthcoming “peer reviews,” as well as the latest on the FARs program and answered questions.

VIII. Report of Kellen (UCR Administrator)

Depository Manager Dave Scholz and Operations Manager Jon Krueger provided updates on Kellen’s transition activities and answered questions.  Mr. Krueger reported that he plans to deliver his review and recommendations for UCR’s subcommittees by the November conference call.

IX. Report of Audit Subcommittee

Sandy Bowling reported that she and Dave Lazarides are training nearly two states per week on how to use the FARs system and that nearly all states have now received training.

X. Report of the Procedures Subcommittee

Chair Adam Anderson and Vice Chair Bob Pitcher reported on the revised UCR FAQ document and answered questions.  The document now requires final editing of the draft before Board review and approval.

In response to a question, Mr. Anderson reported that Board approval of proposed modifications to the 2018 UCR online registration forms are on hold pending the FMCSA’s decision on fee levels.

XI. Report of the Indiana System Subcommittee

Chair Scott Morris reported on recent activity to develop a request-for-proposal (RFP) for UCR 2.0 (a new online registration system), including a meeting in Atlanta with the Kellen team to develop a timeline and next steps.

Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to authorize Mr. Morris to execute a contract with a to-be-determined Technology Consultant within the previously approved budget allocation of $50,000 for the remainder of 2018.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

XII. Report of the Indiana Department of Revenue

Chair Sandy Bowling reported on recent reporting enhancements to the IDOR registration system and answered questions.

XIII. Report of the Industry Advisor Subcommittee

Vice Chair Bob Pitcher requested that the forthcoming message to the states regarding the registration year delay emphasize that any fees received or collected thus far for 2018 be returned to the entity that sent them (DONE).

XIV. Report of the Revenue & Fees Subcommittee

There were no updates.

XV. Report of the Dispute Resolution Subcommittee

Chair Tina Thurman reported that the subcommittee will meet next week.

XVI. Report of the Administrative Fees Subcommittee

There were no updates.

XVII. Report of the Depository Subcommittee

Chair Scott Morris reported that 13 states have received a distribution for 2017.

Depository Manager Dave Scholz reported that administrative expenses are tracking less than expected for FY 2017.  Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to modify the administrative fees line item in the budget to $433,000 for FY 17.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

XVIII. Old/New Matters

Mr. Gutierrez asked for any additional business to come before the Board.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to authorize UCR to cover expenses related to printing UCR business cards for the Board and staff.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

There was no additional business.

XIX. Future Board Meetings


  • October 12 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • November 9 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • December 14 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • March 15 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • April 19 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)

In person

  • January 28-February 1 (includes travel days; New Orleans)
  • June 2-7 (includes travel days; Ft. Lauderdale)

XX.   Adjourn

Mr. Gutierrez adjourned the teleconference at 2:05 p.m. Eastern.