Unified Carrier Registration Plan (UCR)
Board of Directors Meeting (#122)
August 24, 2017
Dana Point, CA


Avelino Gutierrez (Chair) NMPRC X
Bob Pitcher ATA X
Adam Anderson UDOT X
Carol Fallin TXDMV X
Daphne Jefferson FMCSA X
Elizabeth Leaman MADPU X
Larry Herold COPUC X
Woody Chambers OOIDA
Monte Wiederhold Reever Transport X
Chris Burroughs TIA
Rick Schweitzer NPTC
Mike Hoeme KCC X
Sandy Bowling INDOR X
Scott Morris ALPCS X
Tina Thurman MODOT X
Dave Scholz, Depository Manager UCR X
Jon Krueger, Operations Manager UCR X
Brooke Mason, Staff Associate UCR
Dave Lazarides, Consultant DSL X




I. Call to Order

Chair Avelino Gutierrez called the meeting to order at 1:03 p.m. Pacific and welcomed attendees.  Mr. Gutierrez conducted a roll call of Board members (see above) and non-Board members.

II. Review & Approval of Agenda

Mr. Gutierrez presented the proposed agenda.

A MOTION was MADE as SECONDED to accept the August Board agenda as presented.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

III. Review & Approval of July Meeting Minutes

Mr. Gutierrez reported that Operations Manager Jon Krueger had distributed draft minutes from the July 13 Board teleconference.  Several grammatical and clerical edits were suggested.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve the July 2017 Board minutes as amended.  THE MOTION CARRIED.  (Revised draft minutes are attached).

IV. Updates Concerning UCR Legislation

There were no updates regarding UCR legislation.

V. FMCSA Update

Daphne Jefferson reported that a final rule on fees for the 2018 program has not yet been made.  Ms. Jefferson will report to Mr. Gutierrez as soon as a decision is made.

VI. Report of Dave Lazarides, DSL Transportation

Consultant Dave Lazarides reviewed a report on the Focused Anomaly Reviews (FARs) program and answered questions.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to authorize DSL’s web contractor to obtain access to relevant FMCSA data.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

VII. Report of Kellen (UCR Administrator)

Depository Manager Dave Scholz and Operations Manager Jon Krueger provided updates on Kellen’s transition activities, including a plan/timeline to launch the new UCR website and electronic newsletter, and answered questions.  Mr. Scholz noted that state invoicing is now being handled by Kellen as of August 1.

VIII. Report of Audit Subcommittee

Chair Mike Hoeme reported that his subcommittee is providing states with the audit template and the latest FARs report.

Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to instruct the Administrator (Kellen) to conduct a review of the roles and structure of all UCR subcommittees and provide a report and recommendations to the Board.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

IX. Report of the Procedures Subcommittee

Chair Adam Anderson reported his subcommittee has distributed a revised UCR FAQ document to the Board and is requesting feedback.  Mr. Anderson also reported that the subcommittee made edits/modifications to the 2018 UCR registration forms prior to the Board meeting.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve the modified 2018 forms.  Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to table approval of the forms until a final rule on 2018 fees is provided by FMCSA.  This issue will be revisited on the September Board teleconference.

X. Report of the Indiana System Subcommittee

Chair Scott Morris reported that efforts are underway to develop a request-for-proposal (RFP) for UCR 2.0 (a new online registration system).

Mr. Morris recommended that the Chair appoint an RFP Task Force to oversee this project.  Mr. Gutierrez approved, and instructed Mr. Morris to recruit the Task Force members.

Following discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve a budget request of $50,000 to engage a Technology Consultant for this project.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

Following further discussion, a MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve a budget request of $25,000 to fund travel for the new RFP Task Force.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

XI. Report of the Indiana Department of Revenue

Chair Sandy Bowling reported that the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) is currently working to implement new system modifications being requested by UCR.  Ms. Bowling projected the new upgrades will be rolled-out in spring of 2018.  She also reported that seasonal staff is ramping up at IDOR in anticipation of the new UCR registration year.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve a budget request of $43,600 for IDOR to execute mailing notices to non-participating states and Canada through a third-party vendor.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

XII. Report of the Industry Advisor Subcommittee

Vice Chair Bob Pitcher reported there were no updates to provide at this meeting.

XIII. Report of the Revenue & Fees Subcommittee

Chair Larry Herold and Mr. Scholz presented a proposed UCR operating budget for FY 2018 and answered questions.  Mr. Morris reported on his 2019 and 2020 revenue and fees projections.

The Board instructed Mr. Scholz to develop a draft policy for establishing and maintaining a UCR financial reserve.

XIV. Report of the Dispute Resolution Subcommittee

Chair Tina Thurman, with assistance from Dave Lazarides, reported on proposed UCR compliance standards for states and answered questions.

Ms. Thurman reported that the draft standards will now be shared with the Procedures and Audit Subcommittees for review and feedback.

XV. Report of the Administrative Fees Subcommittee

There was no report from the Administrative Fees Subcommittee.

XVI. Report of the Depository Subcommittee

Chair Scott Morris reported a written report on key Depository dates and answered questions.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to authorize Mr. Morris to open an account with Bank of North Dakota for receiving 2018 fees.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

Following discussion, A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to approve a modified check signing process, presented by Mr. Scholz.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

XVII. Old/New Matters

Mr. Gutierrez asked for any additional business to come before the Board.

A MOTION was MADE and SECONDED to authorize UCR to cover hotel expenses for the August meeting.  THE MOTION CARRIED.

Mr. Morris reported on his plan to attend the upcoming National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) meeting in Baltimore this November to raise awareness and understanding of UCR among public utility professionals.

There was no additional business.

XVIII. Future Board Meetings

  • September 14 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • October 12 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • November 9 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)
  • December 14 at Noon Eastern (teleconference)

Mr. Gutierrez reported that the November Board meeting may be held in person, and a decision is to be made by the September Board teleconference.  It was suggested that UCR avoid the Veterans Day holiday if the November meeting is held in person.

Mr. Gutierrez noted that the winter meeting is scheduled for January 28-February 1 in New Orleans in conjunction with the NCSTC event, and that the summer meeting is scheduled for June 3-7 in Ft. Lauderdale, again in conjunction with NCSTC.

XIV.   Adjourn

Mr. Gutierrez adjourned the teleconference at 4:03 p.m. Pacific.