Minutes of the One Hundred Twentieth Unified Carrier Registration Plan Board of Directors Meeting
June 7th, 2017
In-person & Tele-conference

The One Hundred Twentieth (120th) Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan Board of Directors (Board) meeting was called to order by Avelino Gutierrez, Chairman at 8:30 am MDT.

Attendance – Board of Directors:

Present – Avelino Gutierrez, Adam Anderson, Sandy Bowling, Woody Chambers, Tina Thurman, Daphne Jefferson, Larry Herold, Mike Hoeme, Elizabeth Leaman, Scott Morris, Bob Pitcher, Monte Wiederhold, Carol Fallin,

Absent –Chris Burroughs and Rick Schweitzer

Avelino Gutierrez conducted a roll call of the States with self-introductions of government and industry representatives made by those in attendance.

Larry Herold moved to accept the meeting agenda, which was seconded by Sandy Bowling (Exhibit A) – motion passed

Sandy Bowling moved to accept the minutes for the March 16th, 2017 Board meeting, seconded by Mike Hoeme, (Exhibit B)

Robert Pitcher moved to accept the minutes for the May 25th, 2017 Board meeting, seconded by

Avelino Gutierrez established the teleconference ground rules.

UCR Legislative Update – No Update

FMCSA Update – Daphne Jefferson, Deputy Administrator FMCSA – Sent a letter to the Board in regards to the rulemaking for the change in the fees and will report more next month. Also in process on the re-nominations for Board Members.  This summer FMCSA will be doing numerous activities in relation to training etc. on the ELD’s.

RFP /Contract with Kellen – Scott Morris – moved to bring back the tabled motion to approve the Kellen contract, seconded by Robert Pitcher. Scott Morris then presented a revised motion to approve the revised contract with Kellen, seconded by Robert Pitcher, motion passed. (Exhibit C)

Report by DSL Transportation Services, Inc. – Dave Lazarides – updated the Board on the FARS (Focused Anomaly Reviews) program. The FARS seems to be a vital part of the auditing process.  It will also help states to demonstrate accountability. A website has been commissioned, the website is completed.

Sandy Bowling reported that she attended a meeting in relation to the data uploaded to FMCSA by the states on the vehicle registration.  She is trying to get the data to help in developing reports for everyone.

Audit Subcommittee – Mike Hoeme – Moved that underpaid motor carriers, that have under paid and it has been determined as such by the state and have not, be treated as unregistered in the registration status, seconded by Robert Pitcher, motion passed.

Mike Hoeme moved states that have not submitted their UCR audit report to the Audit Subcommittee by June 1st, as required, shall receive a delinquent notice from the Audit Chair and that their status be posted on the UCR website. The State representative be summoned by the UCR Board to appear and explain to the Board their corrective action plan. Secondly, if the delinquent status continues the UCR Chair will send a letter to the States Governor highlighting the potential consequences.  Third, if the first two steps fail then that states Depository funds be frozen until compliant, seconded by Monte Wiederhold, motion passed.

Mike Hoeme moved that the Focused Anomaly Reviews (FARS) should be incorporated into each states audit program, seconded by Robert Pitcher, motion passed.

Mike Hoeme moved that states be allowed to develop their own auditing format as long as they meet the percentage requirements, seconded by Elizabeth Leaman, motion passed.

Procedures/Best Practices Subcommittee – Adam Anderson – turned the time over to Robert Pitcher, he gave out a copy of the outline for the reworking of the FAQ’s.

Procedure Subcommittee will begin working on language for changes to the agreement based upon the motions passed today.

Indiana System Subcommittee – Scott Morris – Continuing to work on the upgrades. The modification to move the money straight to the Depository will be a major change and will require a sit down with the programmers.

Indiana Department of Revenue – Sandy Bowling – Sandy reminded everyone to not have the UCR website set as a favorite in their web browsers.  Make sure the money verification for March is completed but not for May.

Avelino Gutierrez moved that the Boards policy that all states that have their own registration system will be required to upload the base file for the 2018 registration year to FMCSA, seconded by Scott Morris, motion passed.

Industry Advisory Subcommittee – Bob Pitcher – No report

Revenue and Fees Subcommittee – Larry Herold – No report.

Dispute Resolution Subcommittee – Tina Thurman – No report.

Robert Pitcher reminded us that as he had mentioned several times there will need to be a formalization of the stuff we had looked at this week by going through the public notice and hearing process.

Administrative Fee’s Subcommittee – Elizabeth Leaman – reported on her update on the contract being completed on the go to meeting. There will be some updates and edits made to the expenses policy and then sent to the committee and then the Board.

Depository Subcommittee – Scott Morris – Reviewed the quarterly budget especially the legal portion of this budget (Exhibit D).

Scott Morris moved that the annual budget be increased from $50,000 to $100,000 for the 2017 year, seconded by Elizabeth Leaman, motion passed.

Old/New Matters:

Avelino Gutierrez let everyone know that anyone who paid for a rental car to get to the conference from the airport will be reimbursed for that cost.

Robert Pitcher reminded us the Board needs to come up with a more formal procedure for comment on policies.

Avelino Gutierrez moved that the Board authorize the Chair to stay at the Doubletree by Hilton with a cost between $3000 to $4,000, with some incidentals, seconded by Scott Morris, motion passed.

Avelino moved that the Board approve a check for $3,555 plus or minus a few hundred dollars, Elizabeth Leaman

Future Board Meetings:

July 13th, 2017 12:00 PM EDT

August 23rd – 24th, 2017 Board Meeting on the 24th at 1 pm Pacific, Dana Point, CA

September 14th, 2017 12:00 EDT

October 12th, 2017 12:00 EDT

Winter Meeting – New Orleans Jan 28th, 2018 to Feb 1st, 2018 with NCSTS

June 3rd – 7th in Fort Lauderdale FL

Minutes approved by the UCR Board on .

Adam Anderson,

UCR Board Member/Secretary

Exhibit A – Meeting Agenda

Exhibit B – May 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

Exhibit C – UCR –services agreement with Kellen

Exhibit D – Qtrly Budget Report